Our Approach

Our physicians take the necessary time and attention during your visit to listen and understand your unique injury and goals. It is our mission to provide our patients with an accurate diagnosis and ultimately identify why their injury occurred. Frequently there is an underlying dysfunction elsewhere in the body that creates a vulnerability, including instability or limited range of motion, which ultimately leads to an injury. For this reason, your physician will thoroughly assess your movement patterns up and down the kinetic chain. Adequately addressing all contributing factors to an injury ensures more effective care with lasting results.

All sessions are one-on-one with your physician and consist of hands-on treatment. The goal of each visit is to not only alleviate pain but improve function to decrease the likelihood of recurrence. Our appointment times vary from 20 to 60 minutes so our providers can render the necessary care to meet the specific needs of each patient in an efficient manner.

Patient education is an important aspect of care at Carolina Pain and Performance. We want you to fully understand your condition and the rationale for the prescribed treatments. It’s not enough to get you out of pain — our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to take care of yourself and avoid pain in the future. Working together, we will develop a sustainable strategy to meet your goals and have you performing at your best.

We continually strive to set the bar for conservative care in the Triangle by providing the best care possible while advancing our examination and treatment techniques through continuing education and staying current with the latest research.

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