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Carolina Pain and Performance

We are an evidence-based conservative healthcare facility specializing in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions, rehabilitation, and athletic development.

We strategically combine chiropractic care, soft-tissue treatment, and rehabilitative exercise to improve treatment efficacy so you can return to your sport or work activity as quickly as possible.
Our mission is simple: Empower our patients to help them reach and exceed their health goals–performing better in life and sport.

Our Professional Team

Meet the doctors

Regan Buck, DC

Regan Buck, DC

Dr. Buck focuses on using chiropractic care blended with physical therapy and manual therapy techniques to individualize treatment plans affording his patients a high level of care and quicker recovery.

Jason Pirigyi, DC, MS

Jason Pirigyi, DC, MS

Dr. Jason Pirigyi believes in using evidence-based treatments and getting patients to take an active role in their care in order to get back to their activities as soon as possible.